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’The official program of the World Championship in Massage June 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark
World Championship
June 18, 2019


World Championship in Massage Techniques June 2019,  Copenhagen, Denmark

Look here for more information: Film 1 and Film 2


Saturday  22nd of June  2019:

08.00-08.30                      Check-in

09.00-09.40                      Welcome, group photo and presentation. Preparation for the 1st preliminary round

09.40-10.45                      1st preliminary round (participants have to bring their own sheets and towels)

10.45-11.00                      Pause/Preparation for the 2nd preliminary round

11.00-12.05                      2nd preliminary round

12.05-13.00                      Lunch (included for participants)

13.00-14.00                     Demonstration of  massage methods from former winners, judges and other experts.

14.00-15.00                      Pause/Networking/Preparation for the 3rd preliminary round

15.00-16.05                      3rd preliminary round

16.05-18.00                      Rounding of the day


Sunday 23rd of June 2019:

08.30-09.00                      Check-in

09.00-09.40                      Welcome/preparation for the 4th preliminary round

09.40-10.45                       4th preliminary round

10.45-11.00                       Pause/Preparation for the 5th preliminary round

11.00-12.05                       5th preliminary round

12.05-13.00                       Lunch (included for participants)

13.00-14.05                       6th preliminary round

14.05-14.30                       Judges evaluation/pause

14.30-15.00                       Preparation for the finals/pause

15.00-16.00                       Final

16.00-17.30                       Judges evaluation and awards ceremony

NOTE! Lectures, the preliminary rounds and the final, as well as prize giving will be recorded on TV.


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