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The official WORLD TOP MASSEURS RANKING is a system assessing the skills, experience and knowledge of massage therapists based on a complete system of collecting points won by their participation and distinctions in the biggest championships (World, Continental, National), by evaluated and authorized high level tournaments as well as by the assessment of their qualifications and work experience and, up to some extent, by the score they have received from clients themselves. The ranking is different for every general category of massage types and different ranking lists that are classified in world, continental and national level.

The official ranking is a significant advertising tool for the promotion of every massage therapist not only in his country but also abroad, since they will be able to combine in the same site the creation of their personal professional page which will be hosted for free and will be administered by the therapists themselves. Moreover, every masseur will have the possibility to receive comments and scores from their clients which will count in the official rankings, to enrich their personal site with photos, videos, CV, articles, statistics of your personal ranking score, availability buttons, timetable and booking, communication with their clients as well as private chat among other therapist members all over the world.

But we don’t there, since we give you the chance of multiple applications-tools of our page as

  • SITE e-mails: (e.g.,
  • CERTIFICATES (participations & score of the year) rankings of the “official WORKD TOP MASSEURS RANKING”:
  1. participation certificate.
  2. Certificate of the final results ranking score of the year: At the end of the year the final results of all rankings with your personal rank and yours score points.
  • FORUM: access to participation and use of a professional dialogue and communication form among members,
  • ASSESSMENT AND QUALITY SERVICE CERTIFICATION OF YOUR BUSINESS: (physiotherapy centers, massage homes, spa, beauty and wellness centers, balneotherapy centers, massage schools), courses and seminars, trainers, judges, championships, massage tournaments, et.c.

The ranking distinctions, participations, profiles and information chosen by every therapist to appear in public, as well as clients’ comments (if this is allowed) will be accessible not only by your potential clients but also by the biggest wellness and spa companies of this field, product companies, personnel management and recruitment ones, universities, schools and news media from all over the world!

The official big family of all massage therapists in the biggest professional platform-promotion tool of our members and their services with infinite applications, huge recognition, development and job seeking chances, thousands of fans, visits from all over the world!

  • Be part of the biggest massage therapist world family!!!
  • Be part of the biggest massage therapist web platform!!!
  • Be part of the official WORLD TOP MASSEURS RANKING!!!

For therapists to be included in the official ranking list of the best masseurs and make use of the services offered by our page, they should proceed in a free registration and consent for their names to appear in the massage categories of their choice. By registering and regardless of the points they will gather, they take part in the ranking lists and will receive from our page in e-mail a participation certificate in the rankings of the “official WORKD TOP MASSEURS RANKING”. Next, whenever they choose, they will be able to fill in the form of submitting their points based on:

  1. The qualifications:

(PhD, Master’s degree, academic degree, non-academic degree, certified seminar of official WORLD TOP MASSEURS RANKING)

  1. Work experience:

(As a therapist, as owner of: physiotherapy center, massage home, spa, beauty and wellness center, balneotherapy center et.c, as massage instructor or official massage competition judge)

  1. The championships / Tournaments:

Simple participation or win (the points depending on the championship or tournament)

After registering, the therapists can upload material (photos, texts, CV, videos et.c) for the professional page provided to the members and each member will administer it as they wish.

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