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The OFFICIAL WORLD TOP MASSEURS RANKING has instituted the highest standards of assessment the quality of services, facilities and personnel of highest knowledge.

The assessment is carried out by an experienced accredited department according to prearranged, high quality demands concerning:


  • Sufficient and comfortable spaces according to the area present referring to the classrooms of theoretical lessons and practice as well as to the break and secretarial areas.
  • Provision of integrated and scientific upgraded curriculum with strict requirements of attendance.
  • Modern methods of conducting using digital technology and logistics equipment.
  • Knowledgeable personnel who is tested for their level of knowledge.
  • Provision of audio – visual material to the students.
  • Issue of notes or books approved by the school which controls the procedure of the assessment.
  • Availability of secretarial support from the school and the back office which are checked during the assessment.
  • Strict delimitation of oral and written exams.

Championships and Grand Prix Tournaments

  • Numbers of participations
  • Categories
  • Numbers of judges for each category.
  • Organized (back office), secretariat
  • Halls, lecture hall, capacity.
  • Details of the finals.
  • Awards, prizes, cash prizes, gifts.
  • Facilities for the participants (buses, meals, etc.)
  • Opening and closing ceremony
  • Seminar courses, presentations and forums.
  • Events, festivals and exhibitions.


  • Sufficient and comfortable spaces (areas) according to standards set with reference to: Treatment rooms and services areas, gym, lobby & waiting areas, relaxing areas, reception
  • Essential areas: Rooms for massage therapies (1 bed capacity), rooms for massage therapies (2 beds capacity), gym, yoga space, Swedish gymnastics space and personal training. Spaces for various provided services, space for facials, open and heated closed swimming pools,

Reception and waiting-lounge, relaxing and tea room, Jacuzzi, sauna, hamam, cryosauna, salt cave, water-massage, dressing rooms with sinks and showers, showers in the massage rooms.

  • Electronic equipment: screens, sound systems, chromotheraphy, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ionizers, air conditioners.
  • Adequate number of therapists for all the needed therapies demanded to be offered with the highest knowledge, skills and experience. Absolute checking of resumes, assessment of practical skills and theoretical and written performance
  • Massage therapies: Hot stones, Gua shaBamboo, Hawaiian Lomi lomi, Swedish, Classic, Relaxing anti-stress, cupping, chocolate therapy, Gua sha facial, facial therapies, clay treatments, sediment therapies, sport massage, deep tissue, Tai massage, Tok sen, Ayurveda, Yoga massage or flying shiatsu, Shiatsu & reflexology, Free style & body work-stretching,  Moxa,  Aromatherapy, massage with feet, anti-cellulite , λεμφικό μασάζ , prenatal massage, sound therapy, reiki ,  1 or 5 specialized session programs (from local tradition or local products).

* Minimum 15  therapies from the bolds or all underlined therapies, and 4 from the others therapies!

* Minimum 1 of: Swedish, Classic, Relaxing anti-stress!

* Minimum 1 of 5 specialized session programs (from local tradition or local products)!


Massage centers & wellness: (coming soon)

Seminars & certificates (coming soon)

Teachers-instructors (coming soon)