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Staff training

The Official World Top Masseurs Ranking has set the highest staff training standards by choosing the best trainers worldwide, who are certified by the Official World Top Masseurs Ranking.
We offer an enterprise the unique chance to upgrade the quality of its services by having their staff trained by the best and most skillful trainers of their kind.
After evaluating the needs of your company, the abilities of your staff and your budget, we will suggest the best possible solution for your demands so that you will be able to create your own specialized seminar courses, always according to the needs of your company and your staff respectively!
• After the training, the Official World Top Masseurs Ranking provides free of charge the evaluation of the institute or company and awards the quality and space certification services, always based on our certified centers high quality standards.

  • Free certificate of certified center by the Official World Top Masseurs Ranking regarding the training, knowledge and skills of the company staff.
  • Certified degree for the courses (theoretical and practical training) that each employee attended after an examination process.

**It is required that in the evaluation carried out by corporate members of the Official World Top Masseurs Ranking, the center, spa, institute or infirmary covers the high quality standards that have been set for the assignation of the aforementioned certificate.